ITCC Equipment Specifications and Information

The ITCC Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) monitors current industry best practices and works to ensure that ISA affiliated tree climbing competitions are following current standards and best practices regarding the safety of equipment and equipment systems used. If industry standards and equipment innovation direct for there to be changes in requirements, then the TAC advises the Rules Committee and the Operations Committee regarding the necessary changes.

ITCC Gear Inspection Requirements

The TAC maintains guidelines regarding competition gear inspection requirements for climbers and volunteers. All competitors and all volunteers who will be working at height during a competition or its set-up must submit to an inspection of all equipment and equipment systems before entering an event safety zone.

ISA affiliated competitions are expected to implement a gear inspection process using the guidelines and inspection form established by the TAC.

View gear inspection guidelines

For questions regarding gear inspection requirements email ITCC.

Approval of New Equipment and Techniques

The ITCC and TAC encourage the pre-approval of any new equipment, systems, or techniques that you wish to use at an ISA affiliated tree climbing competition.

Submissions for approval should be submitted through the online submission form.

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