ITCC Hall of Champions

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Current Footlock World Records

Men 15m–James Kilpatrick, New Zealand, 13.65 seconds, Set at 2011 APTCC
Women 12m–Nicala Ward-Allen, New Zealand, 13.26 seconds, Set at 2010 ITCC-Chicago
Women 15m–Jamilee Kempton, Western Chapter, 20.17 seconds, Set at 2015 ITCC-Tampa

ITCC Champions

2017 James Kilpatrick ITCC Champion/New Zealand
2017 Chrissy Spence ITCC Champion/New Zealand
2016 James Kilpatrick APTCC Champion/New Zealand
2016 Chrissy Spence APTCC Champion/New Zealand
2015 James Earhart Mid Atlantic Chapter
2015 Jamilee Kempton Western Chapter
2014 Scott Forrest New Zealand Chapter
2014 Josephine Hedger UK/Ireland Chapter
2013 Scott Forrest New Zealand Chapter
2013 Nicala Ward-Allen New Zealand Chapter
2012 Bernd Strasser Germany Chapter
2012 Veronika Ericsson Sweden Chapter
2011 Scott Forrest New Zealand Chapter
2011 Chrissy Spence New Zealand Chapter
2010 Mark Chisholm New Jersey Chapter
2010 Josephine Hedger UK/Ireland Chapter
2009 Jared Abrojena Western Chapter
2009 Anja Erni ETCC Champion/Switzerland
2008 Bernd Strasser Germany Chapter
2008 Josephine Hedger UK/Ireland Chapter
2007 Bernd Strasser Germany Chapter
2007 Chrissy Spence New Zealand Chapter
2006 Bernd Strasser Germany Chapter
2006 Elena O'Neill New Zealand Chapter
2005 Dan Kraus Pacific Northwest Chapter
2005 Chrissy Spence New Zealand Chapter
2004 Bernd Strasser Germany Chapter
2004 Kathy Holzer Pacific Northwest Chapter
2003 Bernd Strasser Germany Chapter
2003 Kiah Martin Australia Chapter
2002 Bernd Strasser Germany Chapter
2002 Wenda Li Ontario Chapter
2001 Mark Chisholm New Jersey Chapter
2001 Christina Engel Germany/Austria Chapter
2000 Bernd Strasser Germany/Austria Chapter
1999 Bernd Strasser Germany/Austria Chapter
1998 Michael Cotter Mid-Atlantic Chapter
1997 Mark Chisholm New Jersey Chapter
1996 Rip Tompkins New England Chapter
1995 Ken Palmer New England Chapter
1994 Jim Harris PNW Chapter
1993 Ken Palmer New England Chapter
1992 Bob Weber Penn-Del Chapter
1991 Ken Palmer New England Chapter
1990 Greg Clemens Ohio Chapter
1989 Bob Weber Penn-Del Chapter
1988 No Insurance No Jamboree
1987 No Insurance No Jamboree
1986 Craig Cutler New Jersey Chapter
1985 Steve Bannan Penn-Del Chapter
1984 Rick Husband Texas Chapter
1983 Bob Maltby New England Chapter
1982 Bob Hunter Western Chapter
1981 Bob Hunter Western Chapter
1980 Paul Harlow New England Chapter
1979 Sam Noonan Western Chapter
1978 Sam Noonan Western Chapter
1977 Tom Smith Western Chapter
1976 Tom Gosnell Western Chapter

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