Belayed Speed Climb


The Belayed Speed Climb tests the climber's ability to climb a predetermined route from the ground to about 60 feet up a tree using a belayed climbing system for safety. This event is timed, and the competitor who reaches and rings the final bell in the shortest time is the winner. Sometimes multiple bells are used to mark the route, in this case all the bells must be rung in order to complete the event.


Belaying is a method of securing and slowing a climbing line. If someone is belayed then that means someone is tending slack in the rope as they ascend the tree or they or using a climbing knot or a mechanical device to slow the line.

This event demonstrates that tree workers must determine the best and most efficient route to take to reach the top of the tree to avoid getting the rope snagged on branches causing them to break limbs or damage the tree.

Detailed Event Description

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