ITCC Competition Forms

ISA has developed and maintains several forms to aid in the administration of a tree climbing competition. These forms are used for the International Championship and it is advised that all ISA affiliated tree climbing competitions use these or similar forms to gather the necessary documents needed for competition administration.

The forms posted online should be used as templates. The organization managing the competition should adjust the necessary details to adequately represent your event.

Available Forms

Climber forms

The climber forms should be provided to all competitors to complete and return to the chapter for registration purposes. Also included are the gear inspection forms that must be completed for the climber gear inspection.

Volunteer forms

The volunteer forms should be provided to all individuals volunteering for the event. For those volunteers who will be working in the tree, gear inspection forms must also be completed and they must have their gear inspected.

Event forms

The event forms are for use by the chapter administration and operations team. Included in these are required forms such as insurance request forms, site inspection forms, emergency response forms, as well as other optional forms for those chapters wanting to offer a Spirit of the Competition award or request an attempt for the Footlock World Record.

If you have any questions regarding the use of these forms, email ITCC.

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