ITCC Safety Warnings and Advisories

The ITCC Rules and Technical Committees have posted the following Safety Warnings and Advisories. These are to be taken under advisement by climbers and volunteers participating in ISA affiliated tree climbing competitions.


January—Buckingham: BuckRigger Safety Notice


December—Mechanical Devices Approval List

November—Notch Rope Runner Pro Inspection Notice

August—Petzl Safety Warning
Petzl Safety Warning for the ZIGZAG, ZIGZAG PLUS, and the ZILLION: Anyone owning the Petzl devices that are affected by these safety warnings must test their devices as described. Devices failing the described safety test procedure at ITCC gear check will be quarantined.

June—Notch Sentinel Harness Issue

June—Edelrid Triple Lock Buckle Issue


May—Equipment List Advisory


February—Safety Bulletin Regarding Fatality in the UK

June—Use of ISC’s Rope Wrench in European Competitions

May—Safety Test of SpiderJack 3 (2016)

March—ITCC Update – Approval for use of ISC’s D4 & D5


November—Update: Mechanical Devices Approved for Stationary Rope Systems

June—Statement Regarding Request for Approval of the IMP SRT Redirect Device

May—Black Diamond Recalls Climbing Ascenders Due to Fall Hazard

March—Information Regarding Possible Cracks on ASAP LOCK


February—Update on use of Rope Wrench at ISA Tree Climbing Competitions

January—Update on Ascent Event Implementation


December—ITCC Gear Inspection Expectations

Unavailable—Update from Petzl regarding possible presence of crack in ZIGZAG and ZILLON

June—Approval of ISC Rope Wrench RP280 in ISA Tree Climbing Competitions


Unavailable—Petzl Stop Use Notification for the Petzl ZIGZAG mechanical prusik


August—Petzl RIG and Single Line Use

May—Notification regarding use of Weaver Cougar Saddles

March—ITCC Statement Regarding Requests for Approval of the Rope Wrench and other Innovations


May—Absorbica Verification Process

Unavailable—Petzl America Recalls Scorpio and Absorbica Safety Lanyards due to Fall Hazard

June—ITCC Committee Statement Regarding SRT Climbing Systems

May—ITCC Committee Statement Regarding the Approval of Fall Protection Equipment and Techniques for ISA Affiliated Tree Climbing Competitions


September—Immediate Cessation of Use of the Anchor Bridge Replacement Rope Bridge

June—Snap Hook Safety Warning Update for 2010 ITCC Competitors


August—Voluntary Recall on Aluminum Rings not individually tested

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