Past ITCC Dates, Locations, and Champions

Year Location Men's Champion/Chapter Women's Champion/Chapter
2023 Albuquerque, New Mexico Barton Allen-Hall/Arboriculture Australia Josephine Hedger/UK/Ireland
2022 KĂžbenhavn, Denmark Barton Allen-Hall/Arboriculture Australia Josephine Hedger/UK/Ireland
2019 Knoxville, TN Scott Forest/New Zealand Josephine Hedger/UK/Ireland
2018 Columbus, OH James Kilpatrick/New Zealand Krista Strating/Ontario
2017 Washington, DC James Kilpatrick/New Zealand Chrissy Spence/New Zealand
2016 Fort Worth, TX James Kilpatrick/New Zealand Chrissy Spence/New Zealand
2015 Tampa, FL James Earhart/Mid Atlantic Jamilee Kempton/Western
2014 Milwaukee, WI Scott Forrest/New Zealand Josephine Hedger/UK/Ireland
2013 Toronto, ON, Canada Scott Forrest/New Zealand Nicala Ward-Allen/New Zealand
2012 Portland, OR Bernd Strasser/Germany Veronika Ericsson/Sweden
2011 Sydney, Australia Scott Forrest/New Zealand Chrissy Spence/New Zealand
2010 Chicago, IL Mark Chisholm/New Jersey Josephine Hedger/UK Ireland
2009 Providence, RI Jared Abrojena/Western Anja Erni/Switzerland
2008 St. Louis, MO Bernd Strasser/Germany Josephine Hedger/UK Ireland
2007 Honolulu, HI Bernd Strasser/Germany Chrissy Spence/New Zealand
2006 Minneapolis, MN Bernd Strasser/Germany Elena O'Neill/New Zealand
2005 Nashville, TN Dan Kraus/Pacific NW Chrissy Spence/New Zealand
2004 Pittsburgh, PA Bernd Strasser/Germany Kathy Holzer/Pacific NW
2003 Montreal, QC Bernd Strasser/Germany Kiah Martin/Australia
2002 Seattle, WA Bernd Strasser/Germany Wenda Li/Ontario
2001 Milwaukee, WI Mark Chisholm/New Jersey Christina Engel/Germany-Austria
2000 Baltimore, MD Bernd Strasser/Germany-Austria  
1999 Stamford, CT Bernd Strasser/Germany-Austria  
1998 Birmingham, England Michael Cotter/Mid-Atlantic  
1997 Salt Lake City, UT Mark Chisholm/New Jersey  
1996 Cleveland, OH Rip Tompkins/New England  
1995 Hilton Head., SC Ken Palmer/New England  
1994 Halifax, NS Jim Harris/Pacific NW  
1993 Bismarck, ND Ken Palmer/New England  
1992 Oakland, CA Bob Weber/Penn-Del  
1991 Philadelphia, PA Ken Palmer/New England  
1990 Toronto, Ont. Greg Clemens/Ohio  
1989 St. Charles, IL Bob Weber/Penn-Del  
1988 Vancouver, BC No ITCC  
1987 Keystone, CO No ITCC  
1986 San Antonio, TX Craig Cutler/New Jersey  
1985 Milwaukee, WI Steve Bannan/Penn-Del  
1984 Quebec, QC Rick Husband/Texas  
1983 Indianapolis, IN Bob Maltby/New England  
1982 Louisville, KY Bob Hunter/Western  
1981 B.Falls, MI Bob Hunter/Western  
1980 Hartford, CT Paul Harlow/New England  
1979 San Diego, CA Sam Noonan/Western  
1978 Toronto, Ont. Sam Noonan/Western  
1977 Philadelphia, PA Tom Smith/Western  
1976 St. Louis, MO Tom Gosnell/Western  

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