Mission and History of the ITCC

The International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC) is managed by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) whose mission is to promote the professional practice of arboriculture and foster a greater worldwide awareness for the benefits of trees through research, technology, and education.

Supporting the ISA Mission

The ISA has established strategic goals and objectives for the organization that support its mission. The ITCC, and related events, helps support these goals in the following strategic areas:

Public Awareness

ISA is recognized by the public as the worldwide network for science based information on the benefits and care of trees.

The climbing competitions held by ISA components provide maximize resources, influence, and exposure.


ISA is a proactive, dynamic, and inclusive organization that provides for the needs of its diverse membership, resulting in engaged members that value the mission.

ITCC provides an opportunity for component organizations to recruit volunteers and create pathways to increase involvement.

Promoting the Profession

Arborists are recognized as qualified, competent, and safe tree care professionals who are sought out by the public, government organizations, and other professions.

Competition rules and technical specifications promote the adoption of best management practices and established industry standards.

Professional Development

ISA is a cohesive, inclusive network of practitioners, scientists, and students, that is recognized as the global source for arboricultural information and knowledge.

Participation in the ITCC helps maintain, improve, and promote knowledge and skills.


Professional tree care practitioners have the required knowledge, training, and expertise, to perform proper tree care safely.

Competitions and technical requirements help promote safety to reduce accidents and injuries in the profession through a culture built on training, education, and peer accountability. The ITCC educates tree care practitioners in the utilization of safe work practices.

To learn more about ISA and its strategic plan visit www.isa-arbor.com

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