Secured Footlock

The Secured Footlock measures the contestant's ability to perform a vertical ascent into a tree using a specific approved hitch for fall protection and the footlock rope-climbing method on a doubled climbing line. Competitors climb to a height of 49'2.5". The event is timed, with a maximum time limit of 60 seconds, and the contestant with the fastest time wins.

This climbing method is often used by tree workers to ascend into the tree because it is faster and less tiring than other methods. Even though the competition judges on speed, in the work place the emphasis is on efficiency not speed.

Detailed Event Description

Head-to-Head Footlock

At the International World Championships, an additional exhibition event known as the Head-to-Head Footlock pairs one competitor against the other to race for the fastest time. The male and female competitors with the fastest times from the Secured Footlock preliminary are invited to compete in this event.

Detailed Event Description

Footlock World Record

The ITCC records the fastest footlock times in the history of the competition. This World Record can be set at either the World Championships, an ITCC regional event, or at one of the local competitions held by an ISA chapter or associate organization. Established criteria must be met in order for a Secured Footlock event to qualify for the world record, and verification must be provided to ISA and the ITCC committee.

Guidelines for Footlock World Record Attempts

Current Footlock World Records

Men 15m–James Kilpatrick, New Zealand Chapter, 13.65 seconds, Set at 2011 APTCC
Women 12m–Nicala Ward-Allen, New Zealand Chapter, 13.26 seconds, Set at 2010 ITCC-Chicago
Women 15m–Nicala Ward-Allen, New Zealand Chapter, 19.55 seconds, Set at 2018 New Zealand Chapter/Wellington Regional TCC

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