Equipment Questions or Approval Request Submissions

This form has been provided to competition participants to be able to submit any questions regarding equipment or to request approval for equipment that is either new on the market (newly manufactured) or new to arboriculture. (See ITCC Rule 2.2.3 below)

Please fill out the form in its entirety. This will help ISA better understand your question or request for approval. Contact information is important so ISA may follow up with you regarding your submission.

This process is for climbers and volunteers who will be participating in ITCC or any other ISA Chapter or regional competition. Manufacturers do not use this form, please send inquiries directly to

Requests for approval should be submitted at least 6 months prior to the competition. Requests made at the time of gear inspection may not be approved without time for thorough review.

2.2.3 If a competitor has a question about the legality of a climbing technique or system, it is the competitor’s responsibility to have that technique, or system approved by the Head Technician during the competitors’ meetings the day prior to the event. The Head Technician may consult with the ITCC Chairperson and Head Judge, at which point all three will address the question and make a ruling. Prior to the competition, competitors may also visit the ITCC Rules web site for more information about safety warnings and hardware configurations, and to ask questions about the legality or the approval of climbing techniques used in ISA competitions. Final approval for competitors’ climbing techniques will be made at the competition gear inspection.

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Equipment or technique question

Rules that apply to this question (E.G. Rule 2.2.2)

Request for approval of new equipment or technique

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Do you have pictures or video demonstrating the equipment or technique in question? If so, we will contact you via email should they be required.

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