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Rules and Event Change Form

This form has been provided to competition participants to be able to submit requests for rule interpretation or make recommendations to the committee regarding rule changes and event improvements.

Please fill the form out in its entirety. This will help the committee better understand your recommendation. Contact information is also important in case the committee needs to follow up with you regarding your submission.

Thank you for your time and interest in making the ITCC a better event.

Name and Address

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Rule Change Proposal or Rules Question

Number of affected primary rules. (Example Rule 3.1.4)

If a Rule change proposal:

Number of other rules that will require modification as a result of the primary rule change (Example 3.1.4)

How will this rule change improve the ITCC?

Proposal to add, remove, or modify an individual ITCC competition event.

Provide a description of your proposed change.

Event to be added, removed, or modified:

Proposed Change:

How would your proposal improve the ITCC:

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