ITCC Optional Event Forms

Spirit of the Competition

At the International Tree Climbing Championship, volunteers are given the opportunity to vote for the competitor who displays the most competition spirit through a positive attitude, camaraderie, and encouragement to others. This award is not a requirement but if components would like to present a "Spirit of the Competition Award" you may use the form below to collect votes from event judging teams at the end of your competition.

Spirit of the Competition Award.

World Record Attempt - Ascent

The ITCC records the fastest ascent times in the history of the competition. This ITCC Ascent Event Record can be set at either the World Championships, an ITCC regional event, or one of the local competitions held by an ISA chapter or associate organization. Established criteria must be met in order for an Ascent event to qualify for the world record, and verification must be provided to ISA and the ITCC committee.

Events that wish to be able to attempt the world record should notify ISA using the request form (located in Appendix 1 of the Rule Book). If the ITCC record is broken, then a verification form must be submitted to ISA to be officially recorded. If prior notification is not filed, or if a verification form is not submitted, the new time will not be recorded and the current world record will stand.

Guidelines for ITCC Ascent Event Record Attempts

ITCC Record Attempt Request Form

ITCC Record Attempt Validation Form

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