ITCC Required Event Forms

Participant Insurance and Release

NOTE: ISA does not provide event insurance. However, you may contact an insurance company of your choice to assist you with underwriting event insurance requirements for the Tree Climbing Events. Please note that you may get a company of your choice to provide coverage for the event.

Components must provide adequate event insurance as outlined by your country, state/province, or municipality specifications. It is also recommended that you offer climbers and volunteers information regarding insurance coverage using an Insurance Acknowledgement Form. Your insurance company can provide this form.

In addition, all participants (competitors and volunteers) must complete a Participant Agreement and Release Form.

Protest Form

The ITCC Rules allow for a climber to file a protest if they feel they have been unfairly or incorrectly scored in an event. ISA provides an official protest form that competition officials should use to handle protests during your event. For questions on how to handle protests, refer to Section 2.3 of the ITCC rules or contact ITCC.

Protest Form

Site Inspection Forms

A site inspection should be performed prior to event set-up. The site inspection should include the overall event site to identify any hazards to participants as well as spectators, and a visual inspection of each tree to be used during the competition.


Emergency Response and Accident Investigation

During the set-up of a tree climbing competition, event officials are expected to establish an emergency response plan to manage communications and actions in the event of an accident or injury that requires medical attention. An on-site EMT is recommended to assist with responding; however, if this is not possible, the emergency response plan will help expedite assistance from nearby emergency services.

In the event of an accident that results in an injury where the individual requires medical attention,officials should complete an Accident Investigation Form as soon as possible to capture the situation surrounding the occurance. The form should be submitted to ISA and the event insurance provider immediately following the close of the competition.

Emergency Response Plan

Accident Investigation Report

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