NATCC Competitor Information

2017 Registration Information

Registration to compete at the North American Tree Climbing Championship is a two-step process:

  1. First, chapters/AOs must begin the registration process and confirm competitors before 15 August 2017.  Invitations have been sent to components with this information.
  2. Then, ISA will send invitations to those confirmed competitors to complete the registration process before 31 August 2017. 

If you would like to compete in the NATCC, please contact your component representative to seek a placement.  Should you like to apply as a guest competitor, email ITCC about available spots. Upon confirming eligibility as a guest competitor, we will place you on a waitlist should guest competitor spots become available.

A North American component may send up to three competitors: up to two (2) male and up to (1) female competitor.  Since the current NATCC Champions already have a spot at the competition, those individuals are not included as part of the chapter team.

2016 Competitors

Congratulations to all of our 2016 NATCC Competitors. Thank you for participating. View the 2016 NATCC Competitors List



Competitors must represent an ISA North American Chapter or Associate Organization. Prior to acceptance, competitors must be a member of ISA.

Each North American Chapter/AO may send a team of up to 3 competitors (2 men, 1 women) to represent them. The representatives must have placed in the top five at the chapter competition within the current or previous 2 years. An invitation is sent to each eligible chapter requesting recommendations for their team and the Chapter TCC Chair must approve the submission of their competitors to the NATCC. No competitor may personally apply for inclusion into the NATCC without the approval of their Chapter TCC chair.

Since the current NATCC Champions already have a spot at the competition, those individuals are not included as part of the chapter team.

Guest Climbers

International Guest Climbers outside of the North American region may be included to compete in the NATCC preliminary events if their own ISA Chapter or Associate Organization requests and verifies performance of a top 5 placement. These climbers will not be allowed to compete in the Masters' Challenge.

Climbers wishing to register as International Guest Climbers must pre-register and all entry fees must be paid prior to the NATCC. There will be a maximum of 5 International Guest Climbers with no more than three being male. If more than 5 applications are received, then the spots will be selected on a first come basis.

The NATCC Committee also reserves the right to include additional climbers by invitation, if there are positions vacant.

Competition Rules

The NATCC will follow the most current available version of The International Tree Climbing Championship Rules. The NATCC Committee is not responsible for providing ITCC Rules Books to competitors in advance. The rules are available on the ITCC website under Rules and Regulations. It is the responsibility of all competitors to have read and understand the rules.

The NATCC reserves the rights to make additional rules and rulings as well as modify any specific event to ensure the safety of competitors, volunteers, and the public.

Additional NATCC Rules

For more information and if you have questions please email ITCC.

Past NATCC Competitors

2015 Competitors-Longmont, Colorado, United State, September 19-20 
2014 Competitors-Pasadena, CA, United States, April 5 and 6 
2013 Competitors-Newark, NJ, United States, April 27 and 28 
2011 Competitors - Savannah, GA, United States, February 19 

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