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Registration for the 2018 ETCC is not yet open.

ETCC Competitors

2017 ETCC Competitors

Congratulations to the competitors who participated in the 2017 ETCC held in Deventer, Netherlands.

Past Competitors



Competitors must represent an ISA European chapter or associate Organization. Prior to acceptance, competitors must be a member of ISA or a recognized chapter or associate organization.

Guest Climbers

ISA members in Europe who live in a region where there is not an ISA chapter or associate organization, may apply for inclusion as a European guest climber, provided they have competed in a nationally recognized event and have placed in the top three.

A maximum of five international guest climbers from outside of Europe may also be included if their own ISA Chapter or Associate Organization requests and verifies performance. International guest climbers are not permitted to compete in the Masters' Challenge round of the competition.

All guest climbers must pre-register and pay all entry fees prior to the event.

Competition Rules

The ETCC will follow the most current available version of the rule book of The International Tree Climbing Championship Rules. The ETCC Committee is not responsible to provide ITCC Rules Books to competitors. The rules are available on the ITCC website under Rules and Regulations. It is the responsibility of all competitors to have read and understand the rules.

The ETCC reserves the rights to make additional rules and rulings as well as modify any specific event to ensure the safety of competitors, volunteers, and the public.

For more information and if you have questions please email ITCC.

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