NATCC Volunteer Information

Volunteer Registration

Volunteer registration for the 2017 NATCC in Salt Lake City, Utah (US) is now closed. If you did not pre-register but will be in Salt Lake City to volunteer you will need to register onsite and can do so beginning Wednesday, 18 October.

You may volunteer in the following areas:


Volunteers for the competition are those interested in being a scoring judge, timer, technician, event scorer, or other tasks directly related to the competition.

For questions about competition volunteer requirements contact

Arbor Fair and Event Support

If you are interested in assisting with a variety of activities at the Arbor Fair or to assist with general overall event logistics please sign up as an Arbor Fair volunteer.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

For those interested in volunteering at a chapter competition in the North American area, please contact that chapter. Find a local ISA chapter.

NATCC Volunteer Recognition

2016 NATCC Volunteers

Thank you to all of our volunteers from the Ontario Chapter and others from the US and Canada who traveled to Niagara Falls to help put on a fantastic event for the competitors. 

Past Volunteers

2015 NATCC Volunteers-Longmont, CO, United States, 19-20 September
2014 NATCC Volunteers-Pasadena, CA, United States, 5-6 April
2013 NATCC Volunteers-Newark, NJ, United States, 27-28 April
2011 NATCC Volunteers- Savannah, GA, United States, 19 February

Competition Rules

The NATCC will follow the most current available version of the International Tree Climbing Championship Rules. The NATCC Committee is not responsible for providing ITCC Rules Books to volunteers and officials. The rules are available on the ITCC website under Rules and Regulations. It is the responsibility of all volunteers to have read and understand the rules.

The NATCC reserves the rights to make additional rules and rulings as well as modify any specific event to ensure the safety of competitors, volunteers, and the public.

Additional NATCC Rules

For more information and if you have questions please email ITCC.

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