European Tree Climbing Championship

2019 ETCC Volunteer Form

Please complete this form if you are interested in volunteering for the ETCC at Schlosspark Putbus in Putbus (Rügen), Germany, 21-23 June 2019.

Volunteer Dates: Thursday 20 June - Sunday 23 June.

Deadline to submit volunteer form is 15 April 2019

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Physical Limitations

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Volunteer Roles

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Credentials & Experience

  1. Are you a member of ISA or an affiliate or associate organization?

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  1. Have you ever volunteered at a Chapter / AO tree climbing event before?

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  2. Have you ever volunteered at an ETCC or regional event before?

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  4. Do you have any experience as a gear check technician?

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  6. Are you First Aid/CPR certified?

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  8. What languages do you speak fluently?

Publicity Consent

  1. I authorize ISA, event volunteers, and other ISA contracted individual’s permission to take photographs or video of me that may be used and published in either print or electronic media. I understand that ISA posts photography notices stating other individuals do not have permissions to use photos or video in any manner without consent of ISA or the individual photographed.

  2. I authorize ISA to provide event photos that may include my image to commercial entities, such as event sponsors, for use in promoting their participation and support of the event. Any other commercial use of the photos must have written consent of ISA and the individual photographed.

  3. I authorize that with or without said photographs, ISA may publish my name for any lawful purposes such as publicity materials, media releases, social media, and advertising.

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